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QuickBooks Services



Wilklow & Associates is ready to assist you in effective and efficient use of QuickBooks through instruction and initial setup, and to support experienced users by improving your current setup.  QuickBooks allows for easy invoicing, tracking of expenses, and generating reports.  Reviews offering up-to-the-moment data and feedback for your business are incorporated in our service of finding the right QuickBooks product for your needs.

Let Wilklow & Associates's trained and professional staff help you with organizing and protecting your company's accounting and financial needs.

Several Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisors on staff, and supports all versions of the software. We offer assistance in initial set up of the QuickBooks accounts, and are able to provide on-going support. We also offer on-site training - whereby a professional will walk you or members of your staff through the various functions of the accounting cycle. We are also available to work on-site for all accounting cycle functions.

We review the tax structure and tax accounting methods of all new clients to identify tax planning opportunities. We provide a detailed report listing these opportunities and the technical support for our recommendations.

The tax planning meeting is the most important meeting of the year. With new clients we focus on the Tax Review. With existing clients, we review current year accounting data and discuss any changes to their business and tax situation. Based on the data, we perform several "what if" tax projections. From these projections we develop a tax plan to implement before year-end. These planning meetings are usually held in the 4th quarter of each year.